Products delivery

Delivery of Mondivi products  is free on the whole territory of Macedonia.
The delivery of the furniture is to the house number of the buyers. The terms of delivery are negotiated during the purchase of products and customers are always informed before the delivery of the furniture;
Unloading and importing the goods is the responsibility of the buyer;
Orders that are not full paid before delivery are not delivered;

Products dimensions

Buyers must have check the dimensions of the product they buy;
Obligation on the buyer is to check the dimensions of space where to inject the purchased furniture;
For information about the dimensions and packaging of the products, the sales staff is available to every customer;
If the dimensions of the ordered product, in order, do not correspond to the space where it should be entered, our company does not assume responsibility incurred and all additional costs are borne by the buyer.

Delivery terms

Our main goal is rapid delivery of our products to the customers;
The delivery date of the products depends on the product, does the product is ready or the product should be produced, and is up to 25 days;
For products that require more time for preparation and delivery the clients are informed before signing the order;
Maximum limit for storing the purchased goods to the customer in our stores is 45 days.

Method of payment

Cash payment - When the order is made it's paid the full amount or a certain percentage as a down payment and the rest ist paid on the day of delivery of the furniture;
Payment in installments without interest credit cards - cards enabled by the Stopanska Bank, without interest, to 12 installments;
Payment in installments through a cooperative agreement - Our company has signed cooperation agreements with various institutions, unions and companies that enable employees of those entities to shop in installments in our showrooms.

Claims and returns

Buyer can submit a complaint to the furniture showroom in writing or orally;
The seller is obliged within 15 days after receipt of the complaint to give his opinion and his own proposal to resolve the reported problem;
If it is determined that the complaint is justified the seller is obliged within 25 days to alleviate the complaint with the repair or replacement of the product;
If it is determined that the complaint is not justified the seller is entitled to demand compensation from the buyer;
The seller is responsible for the furniture only within the warranty period of 12 months. Seller is not responsible for the furniture that is raised with own transport and / or installation performed by third parties, except in case of technical problems.