Premium quality
We use the best materials in the world.
Materials and raw materials used in production are supplied by renowned manufacturers in the world of leather, furniture fabric and sponge. To ensure the highest level of quality we use HR sponge without the participation of CFCs, 100% polyurethane leather and Italian natural leather, known for its durability.

Style and design
Italian design and creation.
Inovation in every detail.
The design of the production program MONDIVI is result of long experience by design team from Italy.

MONDIVI is keeping up with the latest worldwide advances in technique and technology.
Thoughtful, well-built, technologically developed.

Harmonious blend of luxury fabrics and timeless elegance.
Perfect fit in any space creating elegance as it fits the modern age.

MONDIVI is synonymous with functionality, quality and comfort.
MONDIVI - perfect balance among luxury, comfort and fashion.